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Our relationship with NZ Tube Mills Ltd began in 2010 when they were researching a new product range for their the ECO Trellis System of steel posts for the horticulture and viticulture industries. The product consists of a number of parts of which several needed to be manufactured in plastic.  Pikes Plastics was brought on board to assist with plastic clip design and material selection.  The Grape Clip had to be manufactured in a material that would withstand the extreme climate of grape growing regions and perform at tension.  The new product provides ease of installation and ongoing maintenance with the strength to endure the rigors of high winds, tension and harvesting. The new design provides significant cost saving benefits over previous options. The original clip now has four further inserts in the range that give flexibility to the system.   We continue to work closely with NZ Tube Mills on further development of this product and currently manufacture millions of Grape Clips for the ever expanding viticulture industry worldwide.

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